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If you one are accustomed of Flash-Sudoku, you surely noticed that it is always in full evolution. We created two new plays and set up a bulletin board. You can now speak between you and make knowledge. You will then be able to you séduler of the parts as a Multi-Player mode. Take part in the tournaments of sudoku and consult the statistics of the players.

At present on Flash-Sudoku
Sudoku [Sū (数) figure and Doku (独) single]
Kakuro [カックロ or Sum Cross-country race in English]
SquarO [Innovation in the sets of reflexions]
Samurai [Five grids, one in center and the others on the corners]
Sohei [Four grids merge by the corners]
Bulletin board [Tournaments of sudoku and stats]

Sudoku: The goal consists in filling the grid which contains 81 boxes. There are 9 sectors, 9 columns and 9 lines. You must place the whole of the numbers from 1 to 9 without it being repeated in a column, line or sector.

News : The most hardest sudoku grid named AI Escargot

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Saguenay [Quebec, Canada]

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