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Kakuro [Flash 9x9]

You are interested to place a play of sudoku on your Web site?
Flash-Sudoku proposes our play to you. A version all especially conceived
for you. [French and English]

The code to be put on your Web page [ Instructions ]

Some users of the service: [They benefit from it to place banners in order to draw some from the incomes]

Instructions :
  1. Copy the code and to include it in one of your Web page.
  2. It is possible for you to change the prime coat. You have only to replace the code exadecimal.
    bgcolor= "FFFFFF";
    PS: Do not put # in the color code.
  3. You can also change the language for French. Lang = "fr";
  4. It is important to leave the the code intact else will not function.
You have any questions :